Tuesday, 6 July 2010

So, this is where it begins.

Decided to start blogging mostly for my own sake, so i can reminisce stuff when I'm old and grumpy. I realized the other day that I'd have absolutely no clue about anything if someone asked me for example how my summer 2004 was. "Umm, I THINK i was somewhere in northern europe, or hmm, not sure." Yeah, you get the point. Doubt this will be anything super interesting but time will tell as always. I'm writing this in english since i got friends both in Sweden and Finland, those two would be my native tounges aswell, even thou I prefer english in almost everything I do, read or write.

A little about me, my name is Mikael, I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I recently moved from Helsinki, Finland back to the city which is partly responsible for who I am today. I'm born 1983 in the cold and northern city of Haparanda in the Swedish Lapland. Moved to Gothenburg when i was 7 years old. At the age of 14 I moved to Helsinki with my parents and just a few months ago i moved back to Gothenburg. That's all for now. I'm sure you'll get more insight as I'll keep blogging.

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