Monday, 16 August 2010

the end of summer means the beginning of fall.

First day in school today, was pretty much what I expected. Got a pretty slack schedule which is good since I'm also starting to workout 5 days/week. A soft start is appreciated in other words :) Also going to turkey it seems, my mother just asked if I wanna tag along, there's shitloads of my same aged relatives going there aswell so will most likely be fucking awesome. Turkey as a country and a resort isn't THAT awesome, been there before and well, all the basic tourist resorts are pretty much shit if you ask me, but a small vacation is always fun. I'm prolly just staying there for 2 weekends and one week, so I only have to be absent one week from school. I suppose one week is AWWWWWWright with them aswell, if not, I can always catch the flu and be "sick" for one week, problem solved!

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