Sunday, 26 September 2010

My workout, Starting Strength

This is the one I'm using at the moment. It seems to work alright!

"Mark Rippetoe wrote a book called Starting Strength. And it was pretty great. There are lots of versions of the "Starting Strength" workout floating around the internet, with various modifications done by different people. This is my take on the same basic workout. It is a simple strength training workout intended for people new to weight training. All the fundamentals are the same as the original Starting Strength workout, and most of the exercises are the same. The changes I made were pretty minor.

1) A few of the exercises were relatively exotic/non-standard for a beginner-oriented workout. These were replaced with their more conventional counterparts. For example, here you will see bent-over rows instead of Pendlay rows. If a beginner at the gym asks somebody for help with bent-over rows they can probably get it; asking about Pendlay rows is apt to get them a blank stare.

2) This write-up includes links to instructions for doing the exercises. I also provide alternate exercises, such as dumbbell variants of barbell exercises, where the alternate exercise targets the same muscle groups and can be expected to provide a similar training effect.

3) To be blunt, many people doing writeups of Starting Strength workouts on the internet are kind of jerks about it. I tried to make my writeup more accessible and less like the stereotypical "internet meathead" rants that seem to put a lot of people off.

If you want to do the original workout as written - which I think is a great idea, by the way - you can see it here.

The principle is simple – you’ll have 2 different workouts, Workout A and Workout B. You’ll work out on 3 non-consecutive days every week, alternating A and B.

So week 1 might look like:
Monday - Workout A
Wednesday -Workout B
Friday - Workout A

Week 2:
Monday - Workout B
Wednesday - Workout A
Friday - Workout B

And so on.

Here are the workouts (sets x reps, NOT including warmup sets):

Workout A

3x5 Squat (barbell)

3x5 Bench Press (barbell or dumbbell)

1x5 Deadlift (barbell)

2x5-8 dips (only add weight if you are doing >10 bodyweight dips)

You can also substitute barbell or dumbbell decline bench press for dips.

Workout B

3x5 Squat (barbell)

3x5 Standing military press (barbell) or dumbbell overhead press

3x5 Bent-over rows (barbell or dumbbell)

2x5-8 pull-ups (only add weight if you are doing >10 bodyweight pull-ups)

Accessory work (done every workout, can also do 3x/week on non-lifting days):

-Incline weighted sit-ups 3x5

Do standard weighted sit-ups if you don’t have a decline bench available, or unweighted sit-ups if you can’t do them weighted at first.

-Hyperextensions - 3x8

If you don’t have the apparatus to do hyperextensions or otherwise don’t feel you can do them safely, do “Supermans” instead. Even if you have the means to do hyperextensions, you might want to start with Supermans first.

4-8 weeks into the workout, you can add the following supplemental exercises at the END of the last workout of the week:

Lying tricep extensions (barbell or dumbbell) 2x8-12

Barbell or dumbbell curls 2x8-12

NOTE: Use the same weight for each exercise. i.e. 3x5 squats means 3 sets, 5 reps on the squat, using the same weight for all sets. This is known as "sets across", as opposed to "ramping", where you increase the weight on each work set.

Before each exercise you will want to do a ramping warm-up of 2-3 sets of 5 reps to work your way up to your “working” weight that you’ll use for the 3x5. The warm-up is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to avoid injury.

Example: if you’re military pressing 120 pounds for your 3x5, your warm up might look like this:

5 reps @ 60 lbs (warm-up 1)
5 reps @ 80 lbs (warm-up 2)
5 reps @ 100 lbs (warm-up 3)
3 x 5 reps @ 120 lbs (working sets)

If this kind of warmup seems to fatigue you too much by the time you get to the 3x5 sets, you can scale it so you do more reps at lower weights and less reps at higher weights... for instance going 1x5, 1x3, 1x2 then doing the 3x5.

Dips are done "deep", but do NOT drop into the bottom position and bounce/swing your way out. Add weight if you can to keep rep range at 5-8 or so reps for the dips and chin-ups. But it isn’t a big deal if you have to stick to bodyweight and are doing 8-10 reps per set instead.

Always keep in mind the following:

1) You have to increase the load on your muscles to progress. That means adding weight from week to week whenever possible. You have to push yourself to get results. Keep increasing weight AS LONG AS YOU CAN DO THE EXERCISE PROPERLY.

2) You have to be consistent. The difference between doing 3 workouts a week and doing 1 or 2 workouts a week is very significant.

3) BE SAFE. Make sure you understand how to do an exercise properly before attempting it. Don't sacrifice technique to add more weight - this kind of cheating will only lead to injury. Don't twist or jerk the weight around to try to get 1 more rep or lift a few more pounds. Don't blow off doing warm-up sets."


Thursday, 23 September 2010


Haven't had time or energy to update lately because of hectic week in school, lots of exams etc. What can I say else, everything's fine, almost too good. Have to change workout program soon, almost 2 months now with the same. Guess I can use the same for one month more or so. Getting money tomorrow also, yay, prolly going out in the morning and do some shopping since I'm free from school :)

Friday, 17 September 2010


Listening to aesop rock, it's 21:39, went to the central railway station to pick up my xbox360 from a friend who picked it up from stockholm from my dad, we decided to take a couple of beers and now im home. Seems my friend was a bit too tired to go out, even thou he wanted to, he went home to shower and drop off his shit, I guess he passed out. I'm thinking of contuining without him thou, not sure yet!

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Tried some sleeping pills, or a pill last night in this case since i felt like i was sleep deprivated. Stilnoct 10mg i think. Slept like a baby uninterrupted for 13 hours, feels good. So now I'm just chilling, drinking coffee and listening to machine heads hellalive, good ol'. Plans for today is: starcraft2, coffee, food, gym. Getting my XBOX360 from stockholm on friday, planning to mod it asap. Bought the xbox almost 2 years ago together with guitar hero world tour i think it's called, played on it totally for maybe 20 hours, good purchase -_- Anyone know what's the easiest/cheapest/best way to chip/mod your xbox360 nowadays?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Good Day!

Here's a random update with random stuff. There's such a HOOOOOOT girl in my english class that it's almost sick, she's originally from costa rica, oh my god. Also, wnc triple protein strawberry + strawberry maltodextrin tastes better than the milkshakes from McDonalds, no kidding. Soon going back to school, just came home to eat some and do random stuff, laters.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Hurrdurr, another weekend, another sober weekend that is. Ordering a new computer next week, IF I can decide whether I'm getting another laptop or maybe a stationary this time. My budget will be around 12000kr (~1300e) and with that money i could get a sick stationary with like 24" LED monitor and stuff OR just a good laptop. Decisions. :| Maybe going to Helsinki for a few days next week with my uncle, that's if I can take the break from school. I've been watching the TV show Oz lately, it's pretty decent, I'm almost through with season 4, 2 seasons left! Time for some more coffee, laptop and computer hardware research now, CYAZ.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Feeling 100% good, think it's mostly thanks to gym, life is perfect. Been 2 weeks without alcohol also, guess that fact is pitching in aswell :) Planning to stay sober for a long time, since, well, face it, drinking is stupid and very expensive and I hate hangovers (who doesn't -_-). Next time maybe on new years eve :) In other news: Soon 80kg's in the gauge!

song of the day !!!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Took the taxi from home to Ă–stra Sjukhuset (hospital) at 22:00 and I'm still waiting here at 1:40 ;C Apparently there was some huge incident earlier here since the place was full of cops and stuff. My reason for being is huge stomach pains, been having those irregularly for almost 2 years now, not sure what the reason is and this evening the pains grew so painful i just had to get it checked also had 37.8 fever so. Did I mention it's fucking boring here? It is. Luckily I got a tough day tomorrow at school with a test and stuff, slept bad last night also so, oh the joy.

Edit: It was finally my turn at 04:45 and the doctor explained that my blood values etc were exceptional and that there seems to be no problems whatsoever, he suggested that I'd contact my "district doctor", my own doctor in other words and let him get me a time for a colon endoscopy or something. Let's hope they find something there since the pain is, well painful. Took the tram home, ate something, slept for some hours and then to school, now home at 17:50, made some food, probably some coffee, some snus and then heading to the gym in a few hours after the food settles a bit in my stomach :)