Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Took the taxi from home to Östra Sjukhuset (hospital) at 22:00 and I'm still waiting here at 1:40 ;C Apparently there was some huge incident earlier here since the place was full of cops and stuff. My reason for being is huge stomach pains, been having those irregularly for almost 2 years now, not sure what the reason is and this evening the pains grew so painful i just had to get it checked also had 37.8 fever so. Did I mention it's fucking boring here? It is. Luckily I got a tough day tomorrow at school with a test and stuff, slept bad last night also so, oh the joy.

Edit: It was finally my turn at 04:45 and the doctor explained that my blood values etc were exceptional and that there seems to be no problems whatsoever, he suggested that I'd contact my "district doctor", my own doctor in other words and let him get me a time for a colon endoscopy or something. Let's hope they find something there since the pain is, well painful. Took the tram home, ate something, slept for some hours and then to school, now home at 17:50, made some food, probably some coffee, some snus and then heading to the gym in a few hours after the food settles a bit in my stomach :)

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