Friday, 22 October 2010


Been a while, once again. Been pretty hectic schoolwise and stuff so haven't had time to write. Everything's good, going to tornio for new year since my grandma has her 90 year birthday the 9th january and she's having somekind of party :) Since I usually fly there, or well to LuleƄ and then a friend picks me up. I now decided to check what the train would cost with student discount. So, flight would cost 1000kr one-way with student discount and train costs *drums* 150kr one-way, omg. So, train it is. Too bad the trip is like 1500 km and 20 hours but np, I'll just take some stilnocts with me and sleep the whole trip.


  1. Gotta love those 90 year old parties. I'm sure that shit will be off the hook. Bring the beer pong cups!