Sunday, 30 January 2011



Started again with meh bulking, shit is going fucking GREAT, everything's awesome, spring is almost here, I'm feeling good. Shit's good! Had some beers with my uncle tonight and his wife/gf/we and his son was interested in starting gym and shizzle, so i told him some tips and shit, what to do and what to avoid. Prolly giving him some introductory shizzle at his gym next week. Also gave him my SS workout schedule, works magic on newbies! Other than that, life is good and all that GOOD JAZZ (day9).

PS. Fuck this is good

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Snap back to reality

Came back home yesterday, after a lovely ~20h train trip. Feels like someone has been hitting me with a baseball bat for orr 20 hours, that's how comfortable the "beds" are in the train. On top of that i apparently catched some kind of stomach virus since I'm feeling nauseous and almost throwing up stuff all the time. School won't start until next week luckily if this virus persists, I guess I won't start with gym until next week either. Something positive aswell, feels awesome to be home and get back to the routine, the trip have been so exhausting, especially for my liver :| Waiting for spring already, rainy +3c at the moment in Göteborg, from -30c at worst to this is something I welcome. Hoping for +20c in march already. Gonna lie down a bit now see if i get better before the evening so I can actually do something today.