Thursday, 31 March 2011


I wonder how accurate those bodyfat measuring tools are, did some simple calculation with an online calculator and got this:

Estimate #1 based on height and weight
Your "Ponderal Index" is 12.98 which gives an estimated body
fat of 13.9% (22.9 pounds of fat)
Estimate #2 based on waist size and weight
Estimated body fat of 11.3% (18.7 pounds of fat)

Not sure how accurate it is, it feels accurate, but then again, it only used my height, weight and waist girth in the calculations. The reason I'm wondering is that I'm not sure whether I still wanna bulk or start cutting some for the summer :) Bulking obviously starts again after summer. Guess I'll start doing some moderate cardio on offdays next month or something, if nothing else my overall health will get better.

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