Wednesday, 27 April 2011

easter + labor day (may day, first of may whatever it is in english)

Easter was last weekend, got pretty drunk on thursday and saturday so I could suffer in hangover just like Jesus suffered on the cross :S Not a bad hangover on friday, but sunday and monday was 3 times that. Had a "break" from gym from last thursday until today, simply because I just couldn't go there, been "sick" until today or well yesterday. Don't have any plans for May Day yet, but was talking with my cousin if we went to their cottage a bit south of GBG, just drink some beers, barbeque and maybe swimming even thou its prolly cold as fuck still, thus the drinking I guess :) The next big holiday after May Day would be Midsummer, waiting like hell for it, easily the best patch of days during the whole year, I love the summer, I love the sun staying up 24/7 (atleast up north where I usually spend it) and I hate the winter so, pretty simple. My sleeping pattern is quite fucked up once again mostly due to the holidays, trying to fix it by staying up until 18:00 or so (6:00 now).

Also, I prolly should stop drinking completely, I'm such a fucking retard sometimes when drunk, not aggressive or so, but well, too open or something. Calling people and stuff, fuck, I should hide every fucking gadget, phone and computer that one can communicate with when I start drinking, would atleast solve my problem. It's not like it's A HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM, but it's annoying as fuck, not remembering what you told someone etc the next day, ARRGH. FML. It's just that I'll prolly break my relationships with people and prolly already done that with some, can't be arsed to recollect any of those though.

In other news, hate this fucking apartment, It's hot as hell always on the summer inside, even on the night, it's like fucking 28C constantly, im sweating like a pig so gg with showers, feels good to smell like a fucking pig all the time, or well, smell like A MAN. Time for coffee now and a shower T_T

Thursday, 21 April 2011


hiho, small quick update, new workout program is going just fine now. It's summer, shit's relatively good etc.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Sup, been quiet lately, just the usual. Was really awesome weather on monday, like 18c or something. Were out and had 2 beers to celebrate that, nothing less, nothing more. Been trying to search for a job the past days since I got sort of a break from schoolstuff until next fall so. Hope I'll find something that doesn't drive me insane.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Oatmeal and gainer

Went to the nearby pub yesterday after gym with my cousin, took one(1) beer, wasn't a very good idea. Only stayed there for like 30mins but anyways, not a good idea. Had the "1." workout yesterday which is like, really fucking heavy on the back, squats, pullups, hyper extensions and rows, sup? My back was pretty much dead after the pullups already, coulnd't even finish the first warmup set on rows. Maybe next time I will! Today I will most likely just sit and relax, I know my back agrees on that atleast, but you never know, could be some outgoing also, probably not. I heard my only reader also started with his workout a week ago or so, which is nice. GJ! Here's a motivational for you!