Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hiyo, been a while. Too stressed with money and how to spend and how to not spend it. Everything is so much easier WITHOUT money, when you don't have it, you don't have to think about it. Seems like im leaving next week to stockholm then helsinki, cba with capital letters in front of the capital names, whatever. A friend from helsinki is coming to gbg this week to stay with her long distance boyfriend or something lolz, will be cool to meet her aswell. Other than that, I slept bad last night, trying to repair that fact with some coffee, cy@.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rock N Roll

Don't think I'm not gonna bother with the cutting yet, I mean, I'm not yet THERE muscle mass-wise, not even close so. Summer also coming which usually involves lots and lots of carbs in various forms and I'm not gonna sit indoors the whole summer and just eat broccoli and tuna, that's for sure. Think I got a job, it's just for some weeks but it's always something, my plans to go to Helsinki gets ruined a bit though, but oh well. Money is king. It's some shitty demolition/construction work, suits me, I GOT FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH YO.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thank you, pain.

Was sore as fuck this morning when I woke up and decided to not do a cardiopass today, but then later on I was like LOL SO BORED so I changed my mind and hit the gym. I was happily surprised when I realized I could already run much faster for a much longer duration without breaks and my chest/lungs weren't even aching that bad this time, feels fucking good man.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Morning Glory

Woke up already, bit early but suits me just fine. Had rye bread, 2 eggs and oatmeal for breakfast and I'm soon hitting the totally empty gym. Just in time before the morning rush of people coming there for their morning passes. Found out that my sister and her family gave one of their dogs to my dad's new family because my sister had gotten a new dog which didnt get along with the old one, the new dog had apparently bitten the dog or something so. Happy she found a new family and I'm sure she'll get along there just fine.

This cutting business is hard as fuck or rather the way of getting things balanced, you're supposed to go on a 500 calorie deficit, which means you got 500 less calories per day to work with and try and get the perfect amount of proteins, carbs etc. Sure you could go on a superheavy protein diet, but that'd mean in my case that I would basically only eat eggs and drink protein shakes day in, day out. Not sure if that's so damn healthy in the long run either. If that's not your thing, then it gets really hard, fuck up the balance and you either a) gain weight b) dont lose any c) lose and lose muscle mass also. I'm really happy about my decision to start doing cardio on offdays, means I get to go to the gym twice as much! Gym being the only thing in my life I really enjoy at the moment, not sure if that's good or bad, good for my overall health and body atleast if nothing else.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cardio and stuff

Not sure where to begin. Finland won the IIHF ice hockey world championship last sunday, beat sweden 6-1 in the finals which made it extra awesome. I went out celebrating this victory obviously with fellow finns, all in all, a rough and a fun weekend. I decided to start doing cardio on my offdays from weightlifting, had my first cardiopass today. Everything went well except for the fact that my heart almost exploded when i got a high enough pulse, googled some facts about this "symptom" and found out that its mostly because my overall condition is so fucking bad and it usually goes in a week or two. Awesome. Normal gym tomorrow and cardio the whole weekend. Not sure if I mentioned this already but, seems like I'm going to celebrate midsummer up north, unless I somehow manage to land a job which forces me to stay home. That ofcourse, would suck, but money is money so.

Before starting to write this post I felt I had shitloads to write about but yeah, guess that's all for now, I'll try and update a bit more often even though I prolly won't be writing that much during the summer because HOPEFULLY I'll be busy doing IRL stuff =)

P.S. Got a heart-warming message from a girl on facebook, she told me she misses me, that was kind of awesome and cute and awesome, I miss her too, she's awesome.