Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cardio and stuff

Not sure where to begin. Finland won the IIHF ice hockey world championship last sunday, beat sweden 6-1 in the finals which made it extra awesome. I went out celebrating this victory obviously with fellow finns, all in all, a rough and a fun weekend. I decided to start doing cardio on my offdays from weightlifting, had my first cardiopass today. Everything went well except for the fact that my heart almost exploded when i got a high enough pulse, googled some facts about this "symptom" and found out that its mostly because my overall condition is so fucking bad and it usually goes in a week or two. Awesome. Normal gym tomorrow and cardio the whole weekend. Not sure if I mentioned this already but, seems like I'm going to celebrate midsummer up north, unless I somehow manage to land a job which forces me to stay home. That ofcourse, would suck, but money is money so.

Before starting to write this post I felt I had shitloads to write about but yeah, guess that's all for now, I'll try and update a bit more often even though I prolly won't be writing that much during the summer because HOPEFULLY I'll be busy doing IRL stuff =)

P.S. Got a heart-warming message from a girl on facebook, she told me she misses me, that was kind of awesome and cute and awesome, I miss her too, she's awesome.

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