Sunday, 17 July 2011

Been a while

So, i were in Finland from the beginning of June until 28th June or something, spent midsummer at a nice cabin between Turku and Helsinki. The trip was fun with lots of alcohol involved, met Luke who turned out to be an awesome guy. Also met lots of my old friends i hadn't seen in ages. It's mid July now and I've been working since 1th July at this construction site, building brickroofs. It's good money but the work is pretty fucking tough, 6:45-16:00 every day and this weekend I worked Saturday aswell. Haven't been able to go to the gym since early June because of the trip and now the work, I'm usually so fucking tired after a day of work that there's no chance I could go to the gym. Starting with gym again 15th August or so when I continue studying. I've planned a trip to Tornio/Haparanda at the beginning of August, need to go and meet some relatives since I didn't go there last summer either so. Things are good otherwise, basically just working eating and sleeping. Just waiting for 5th August.

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