Tuesday, 17 July 2012

basic everyday

I'm out of snus and out of proper food and money until next salary, I MIGHT HAVE SPENT A BIT TOO MUCH DURING MY BINGE.. *cough* VACATION. Well, I got some money but can't afford any luxury until next week. Almost skipped gym today but then I thought "no excuses" and just did it(pic related). Gym was really good today, realized for the 56th time that there's no point in doing BB bench press if you're alone and got no spotter, thus I did DB which was great success. Were at the gym just before closing time for the first time and it was quite nice, only 2 persons in addition to me. Makes the pass so much more smoother when you don't have to queue for Squat racks and whatnot compared to the after work rush where you basically have to stand in queue just to get inside, well almost.

Work has also been pretty chill, there's not much to do at the office so it's mostly just browsing random web pages and checking that my chars are macroing in ultima online. Also free coffee. Won't ramble too much as it is already past my bedtime and I still need to feed my face with food. GOOD NIGHT.

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