Sunday, 15 July 2012

woop woop

Did some cardio yesterday in form of just bicycling around the city, around 10kmish. My legs were still sore from fridays squatting and calf raising but was NP. They were still sore this morning but had to hit the gym regardless. Woke up for the first time around 06:30 and decided fuck this, it's too early since I had only slept like ~5 hours so I went back to bed and woke up at 13:30 <_<. This pass is quite heavy on the back, after deadlift and rows I didnt have any juice left in me and just couldn't finish the pullups. I suppose I should start a bit easier. Don't have much else to write today, it's been a pretty boring weekend, mostly because I chose that. Plan is to cut down on drinking a lot(atleast for some time), since my summer vacation was pretty much only binge drinking. Gonna watch some movie or something now and hit the bed early so I'm fresh tomorow, mondays sort of suck at work If you're tired as fuck.

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