Thursday, 2 August 2012

I say

Feels like I there's no time to write anything nowadays. My typical day goes something like this, wake up at 7:30, breakfast shower etc. Leave for work at 8:30. 08:45 at work. Leave from work at 17:00, home at 17:15. Then eat/drink shake, shower, chill for a bit. Leave for gym at 19:00ish, 20:00 leave from gym, go grocery shopping. Home at 20:30, cook a proper meal and lunch for next day at work. Eat again. By now the clock is usually around 21:30. 2 hours to do whatever is needed and then bed. FML.

Really tired of my job at the moment and life in general, not depressed or anything, just tired/stressed. That being said, things are pretty OK regardless.

In other news, thinking of switching to a 3day split, mostly because of the reason that my legs get no rest. I bicycle 10km's a day ATLEAST and when im doing dealift on one pass and squats on the next, there's basically no room for rest for the legs, ever.

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