Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Been a while

Decided to write something here since it has been a while, I'm living in Thailand now and it has been crazy to put it mildly. Came here the 1st December, stayed in Bangkok for some days - you know, just relaxing - then I moved towards Hua Hin where my Grandfather has been residing for the past 20 years or so. Hadn't seem him in 15 years or so thought it was about time. Sure the old man had gotten older and all that but it was a nice reunion.

Took a bus to Phuket after spending a few days in Hua Hin and it was the longest trip of my life due to shitty roads and well, 10 hours. Had a job there at EBS care center, pay was shitty but it was my entry card to Thailand so why the fuck not. Long hours, 15:00-01:00 and you get paid like 30000 baht a month which is shit compared back home but its okayish here considering the average gets like 8000 baht a month. So this all back in December. Had my daily routine, went to work, had a beer or ten after work and work the next day and weekends were chaos obviously.

Everything was fine until late January when I had a small accident with a broken glass bottle cut my foot in half in the sea. A hospital trip and some stitches later i was almost like a new man except I was a cripple temporarily. A week sick leave from work and back the next week on monday, things were good except I noticed I also had some nerve damage on my foot, my left leg (the damaged leg) would numb after a few minutes sitting down, hadn't really been sitting since the accident, mostly laying down. Told about this to my boss.

After work I went to meet with my friendl here, just had a few beers and whatnot. Was going back home at 04:00 or so. Was 200 meters away from my apartment and some thaiguy is signaling that he is going right (remember left traffic here) so I pass him on the left obviously, before I know it he suddenly takes a 180 turn and parks on the left, which means we hit each other. The consequences weren't that bad, just had some scratches and the bikes were good as well. Problems started when a random thailady comes there and claims I destroyed her food cart which was more than fine, it might have a small dent somewhere but that's it. So the situation was all in all good, could've just continued like it wasn't shit and it wasn't shit. So me being me I tell her more of less to fuck off and that I'm not paying her 50000 baht which she insisted I should. She threatens me with the cops, I tell her I'd rather a cop here since they will most likely only fine with 2000 baht or something.

So the cops arrive, he is cool as fuck, checks the "accident site" and is like, there is nothing here but they need to take me to the police station. We get there and I get like 8 different cops coming to me saying "you want to fix this now, pay me money you go" and I tell them politely that I don't have any money on me as I lost my ATM card a while ago (my mother sent me a new card actually yesterday, should be here in one week) so I've been borrowing money from people and I didn't happen to have any money on me then so I basically just told them to do whatever the fuck they need to do. After being through 7 different officers and a lot of bullshit I didn't understand I told the cops I need to go to a hospital and clean my scratches as I dislike random infections. So a cop takes me there, they take x-rays and the whole nine yards. They are waiting for some shit so I decided to limp outside for a smoke and then it hit me. I could just take a fucking taxi now and run away from all this shit as they only had my Swedish ID card which has no fucking use to me as I still have my Finnish passport which has my Visa etc.

I jump on the taxi, get home, shook up as fuck. Call my boss tell her the situation, she seems initially cool with it. My only worry right now is that the cops still have my bike which I really can't get even though a screwdriver seems to be a good enough key for that horse. They put a tirelock on those. That's not a problem, it'll get sorted. Called a thaifriend, did some valium, slept for 16 hours. Woke up at 04:00 this morning. (its 10:37 in thailand now) Went out to just get some fresh air, everything went fine. Had a few beers etc, nothing interesting really happened. Got to my place, my friend another friend who was carrying kilos of death sentences on him, consumed some of that shit and now I'm feeling alright but I think I've might lost job as I've had 2 missed calls from my Boss and even from her Boss from yesterday when I was passed out on painkillers and valiums.

So this is how it is going here, I really don't care about the job right now, I have plenty of other incomes and to me job has been mostly a social thing, things get awry pretty quick if you have no routines in life. Only thing I will miss are the people from work, met some really nice people there. Might be a good idea now to chill a bit and get shit back on track (namely my body, my feet and my ribs).

That's all for today folks, I'll try and update this blog a bit more in the future as I do enjoy leak the flow of my mind time to time :)

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