Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Khao Kluk Kapi

Haven't done much this week apart from watching movies and eating, this has mostly do with the fact that my money situation is quite bad since I have still not received my new ATM card from Finland. Hence, I tried to open a thai bank account today which was a no-go as well. Need a work permit for that even though I've heard from several people that they've succeeded opening one with just telling some bullshit about how they are still waiting for it. Gotta try another bank another day then.

Been watching Sherlock Holmes the Tv serie from 2010 it's surprisingly good. Each episode is basically like a own movie since they are 90mins each. Starting with season 3 today. Today I also found out my new favorite thai dish, Khao Kluk Kapi.

A plate of khao kluk kapi begins with rice, and it’s not just steamed rice, but the rice is stir fried with shrimp paste to give it a slightly, yet not overpowering, shrimp aroma – that’s what gives the dish its signature flavor.

On top of the shrimp flavored rice are a variety of toppings which normally includes green mango, omelet, red onions, dried shrimp, sweet pork, chinese sausage, chillies, cucumbers, long beans, and some cilantro and green onions on top. The diversity of the ingredients gives khao kluk kapi an incredible spectrum of flavors that all work well together.

The problem with this dish is that it's extremely hard to find anywhere, usually only sold in markets where they've already put it together so you can just grab it and go for the extremely high price of 40 baht (less than 1 euro). There are a few restaurants where you can find this but it's not like, say khao pad moo or pad thai gai which every street vendor, restaurant etc has. 

The rest of the week I'm not planning to do much, gonna visit a friends new tattoo shop at Surin beach he bought recently and mostly just chill. Might be good for my overall health and my liver to stay away from the bottle a while. Tomorrow I might hunt a new bank and try my chances at opening a thai account and afterwards maybe some beach action as I'm starting to get pale as I've been doing everything I can lately to avoid the sun. It's nice and awesome the first month or so with the beaches and the sun but you get really tired of it really fast, especially if you aren't that much of a beach person to begin with. 

In other news, I miss some food from back home, namely bread and cheese. Don't think there's a single thai dish where cheese is being used and bread is something you never see, except if you find the only bakery in a 20km radius or buy that shitty bread from 7-11 which can hardly be called bread.

And lastly, there was some thing going last week where everyone was giving the buddha drinks as he apparently gets thirsty once in a while so I did the same thing.

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