Friday, 7 February 2014


So today, I was going to the office which was apparently closed (they seem to change hours every week). Then I called Ida, I thought I was a good friend with her and everything was fine. I called her like sup, (i was totally sober) and asked what she is doing, she sounded positively surprised, unsure why, asked her if we could see somewhere down the street as I just wanted clear all the rumours about me. She was surprisingly hesitant and had other plans and just leaving and whatnot, told her I could be there in literally 1 minute.

The call ended. 3 minutes later I get a call from Andreas Caudwell telling me if I ever again try to make any contact with any of his employees I would have to regret it, like our first call, he didn't let me speak after he hanged up.

Sent him an SMS telling that I just wanted to tell people that I've sorted out everything with, well, everything and I won't contact him again.

Unsure if it is OK for his employees to contact me like they have been doing for the past 3 months, I can't really affect that.

Peace out!

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